Responsible tours

BSTravel innovates :

Anticipating a trend that today advocates respect for the environment, but also the need to eat healthy, BSTravel is evolving and now offers cultural tours for all, with ‘responsible’ gastronomy and quality follow-up.

In this regard, a document will be given to customers, at the airport, with the names of the restaurants, the menu and the supply chain of the products consumed throughout their discovery trip in Bulgaria.

It is important to remember that each country keeps its own culinary traditions. Bulgaria, a country with strong influences, coming from Greece, Turkey and various civilizations, is no exception to the rule and has a rich heritage, where the joys and sufferings of the past, have preserved ecological farming with authenticity. Its history has not brought it the same diversity of products as France, but another richness which can be even more important today : its natural environment and the particularity of its soils, is very little subjected to intensive agriculture. The reputation in this domain is recognized all other the world, and its tomatoes and cucumbers have met a real success, recognized by all!

Our menus are varied and customers understand that it is not useful to consume beef that only France has cultivated for centuries, but other products, typically Bulgarian, shaped in local recipes, interesting for anybody to discover.

But our wish, does not stop on the plates of our customers! Through this culinary and cultural adventure, they will get to know the Bulgarian inhabitants ; peasants, farmers, these same simple people who have worked the land with passion, for centuries, just like their French colleagues. They will taste bread made the same day in a villager’s oven. The famous Bulgarian yogurt, whose milk comes from a local juxtaposing farm. High-quality mussels, grown in the Black Sea, near Varna, etc…